In this video we discuss the different rental scenarios for ADU’s. There are many ways to utilize ADU’s for extra cash flow.

The 3 main ones we mention are:

1) Live in the main and rent the ADU.

$1,600 (average for West LA. Varies per area)

2) Live in the ADU and rent the main SFR

$3,400 – $4,000 (average for West LA. Varies per area)

3) Rent both the ADU and the main SFR.

$5,000 – $5,600 (average for West LA. Varies per area)

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Cameron Meredith

Founder/Owner + Operator (Director) of ADU West Coast, a full-service ADU design + build construction firm headquartered in Seal Beach, CA. I help investors and homeowners in Orange County & Los Angeles maximize their property value + generate rental income or house family members by building high-quality, affordable ADUs. I am a licensed general contractor with a diverse background in ADU consulting, project management, city submittals, ADU design, and construction management, I am uniquely qualified to guide clients through the entire ADU process from start to finish.