About ADU West Coast

ADU West Coast is Southern California’s go-to choice for all things ADU’s. Our team of industry experts help you take your project from A-Z. We help guide homeowners through the process making it as seamless as possible. We are a design/build consulting firm that can provide experts in architectural design, engineering, and construction.”

Cameron Meredith

Partner – Real estate professional that this as an opportunity to help solve the housing crisis here in So Cal.

As one of the partners of ADU West Coast, Cameron heads our overall marketing and overall direction of ADU West Coast. Cameron oversees seeking new projects and opportunities throughout the LA/OC area. Cameron has been involved in residential real estate throughout his career before shifting his focus to construction and development. He saw a vision to help his home state create more housing which in turn would make it more affordable for everyone.

Ron Householder

Partner – Has been in the real estate industry (mortgage + real estate) for 20 + years

Ron Householder has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Ron has also been a real estate broker for the last 18 years and specializes in finding unique real estate development opportunities for homeowners and investors through his extensive real estate network. He is a true entrepreneur and is an owner/partial owner in ADU West Coast and 4 other companies:

1. Broker and co-owner of Fortune Weavers Realty (www.fortuneweavers.com)
2. Owner of Endeavor Mortgage (www.endeavormtg.com)
3. Part owner of HLH Escrow (www.hlhescrow.com)
4. Part owner of social media giants, @luxury_homes and @LuxuryWorldTraveler

Chi Lam


Chi is a professional designer who has been in the custom home development and construction industry for 10+ years. He is one of the partners and is the head designer that works on all of the plans for our projects

Chsung Lam P.E, M.S


Chsung is a certified engineer. He has 10+ years of construction/development experience building everything from luxury custom homes, to multifamily properties.

What Others Say

“We decided to build a custom ADU from the ground up in the back of our large lot in Rosemead. We decided to max out the sq ft and build the largest ADU the city would allow (1,200 sq ft). Our plan was to build a new ADU for us to move into and rent out the existing front house out for $3,000 a month.

We wanted to make sure that we hired a team that was well versed, not only ADU construction, but also has experience in custom home development. I liked the fact that Chsung was both the licensed engineer and general contractor doing the job. This made the process a lot easier from the planning stage through the construction.

I thought their team was very knowledgeable and professional. I was very pleased with their work and the timeline it was completed. They were very transparent the entire time and I am going to use them again for another rental property I have in Riverside.”

Linda S

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