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Multifamily ADU’s

In this video we cover some of the basics of building ADU's on multifamily zoned properties. 1) We walkthrough some of the current multifamily ADU laws and what each one means. 2) We also walk you through a current project in Whittier, CA and what we are proposing to...

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AB68 - To view the full bill you can view it here: In this video we cover the basic concept of AB68 or assembly bill 68 which opened the door for building ADU's here in California....

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How Much Value Does an ADU add

In this video we talk about how much value ADU's add to property. Although there is no definite equation on exactly how much $$ an ADU will add to your property but we guide you through what will bring that value up and why? We go through why people build ADU's to get...

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California ADU Law 2020

Motative Presentation: 1) One ADU and one JADU may be built on any lot with an existing or planned singlefamily home. 2) The single parking space...

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Can I build an ADU on my property

Can I build an ADU on my Property? ADU property link from video: In this video we cover requirements for building an ADU on your property (California specifically). We go over what to look for in determining if building an ADU is suitable...

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ADU Plans California

ADU Plans California See different floor plans here: In this video we go over different ADU plans that are commonly used here in California. We have designs ranging from Studios all the way to 3 bedroom units. We also have designs...

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Attached ADU

In this video we go over what an attached ADU is. Find out what types of detached ADUs are being built today. An attached ADU can be built from an existing bedroom, living room, extended part of the house, above the garage or any living area connected to the main...

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Accessory Dwelling Unit Los Angeles

Accessory Dwelling Unit Los Angeles New 2020 laws allow homeowners to become landlords by converting their existing garages or backyards into an income-producing unit. We are seeing amazing ADU rental returns in the LA/OC area. Start earning rental income today! This...

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