In this video we talk about how much value ADU’s add to property. Although there is no definite equation on exactly how much $$ an ADU will add to your property but we guide you through what will bring that value up and why?

We go through why people build ADU’s to get an idea of why a buyer would seek out an ADU specific property:

– House Elderly
– House Immediate Family
– Get Additional Rental Income
– Guest House
– Extra Space (Office, Entertainment, ext)

We also discuss why ADU’s add value and what appraisers will look at.

– Added Livable sq ft
– Brand New Construction
– Certain Markets Crave ADU’s (LA)
– Bedroom/Bathroom Addition
– Rental Income

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Cameron Meredith

As Vice President of ADU West Coast, Cameron heads our overall operations. Cameron oversees seeking new projects and opportunities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He has been involved with various development/construction projects throughout his career. One of them being a 47-acre greenhouse commercial development project in Adelanto, CA.