Motative Presentation:

1) One ADU and one JADU may be built on
any lot with an existing or planned singlefamily home.

2) The single parking space requirement for the
ADU is waived if the property is located
within a half mile of public transit. Two
parking spaces for the existing residence
shall be maintained unless a garage or
carport is demolished or converted to
create an ADU. The space can be
uncovered, tandem, and/or within setbacks.

3) Total area for a detached ADU may not
exceed 1,200 sq. ft.

4) Total area for an ADU attached to a
residence is capped at 50% of the size of the

5) Take careful consideration of the location of
the overhead power lines. Two-story ADUs
often require greater rear yard setbacks to
avoid overhead power lines.

6) Utilities for the ADU may connect to the
primary residence or, if you choose,
separate services can be added.

7) Ground-up ADUs are required to have a 4’
setback from the side and rear yard
property lines.

8) Existing garages that are converted to or
replaced by an ADU are not required to
meet setback requirements.

9) For multifamily zoned properties, two
detached ADUs can be added to the site
and portions of the existing structure can be
converted into ADUs.

10) In the City of Los Angeles, ground-up ADUs
must either be 10’ away or attached to any
existing structures.

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Cameron Meredith

As Vice President of ADU West Coast, Cameron heads our overall operations. Cameron oversees seeking new projects and opportunities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He has been involved with various development/construction projects throughout his career. One of them being a 47-acre greenhouse commercial development project in Adelanto, CA.