Accessory Dwelling Unit Los Angeles

New 2020 laws allow homeowners to become landlords by converting their existing garages or backyards into an income-producing unit. We are seeing amazing ADU rental returns in the LA/OC area. Start earning rental income today!

This is a video explaining the ins and outs of ADU’s (accessory dwelling units). Single-family zoned property now has the ability to build 2 extra units. New laws allow homeowners and investors to build ADU’s with ease. See if your home qualifies at

This video covers the following:

■ Who is ADU West Coast?
■ What is an ADU? (Accessory Dwelling Unit)
■ Benefits of ADU’s
■ 2020 Law Changes
■ Average Cost of ADU’s (what to look for)
■ Why work with ADU West Coast
■ Different Financing Programs
■ Referral Program
■ Q + A

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Cameron Meredith

As Vice President of ADU West Coast, Cameron heads our overall operations. Cameron oversees seeking new projects and opportunities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He has been involved with various development/construction projects throughout his career. One of them being a 47-acre greenhouse commercial development project in Adelanto, CA.